New Zealand National Register of Stolen & Missing Horses

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Gear Stolen

West Auckland


Hello Everyone,
I am writing this afternoon because at approximately 16:40 this afternoon my grazing in Whenuapai found out that one of our containers that holds a lot of mine, and multiple other riders, gear had been robbed. Nobody had been at our paddocks during the day and so would probably have been robbed sometime during the night.

Among the things that were stolen there seemed to be a "grab as much as you can" theme as well as the obvious expensive things... saddles, bridles, helmets etc.

The container holding all of this gear in was padlocked and so would have had to be forced from the container, there were seperate lockers inside the container who's padlocks were also ripped from their hinges and the container as a whole was trashed with draws being opened and everything of the likes.

In saying all of this please make sure that if you live in the Greenhithe, Whenuapai, Hobsonville, Kumeu area PLEASE lock all of your gear etc. away tonight because I do distinctly remember that the Greenhithe Pony Club was Robbed earlier on this year. I do not wish for this to happen to anyone, I can no longer ride until I have been able to replace all of my gear that has been taken.

Lastly, if ANYBODY hears anything, absolutely ANYTHING about Horse gear being Sold that you know those people didn't have before yesterday night, then please contact myself, or any of the people listed below, it would be a massive help.

Natasha : 021 2076784
Alexandra Curry: 021 0426113
Steph Noble: 021 0692512
Thank You.

Master List of Stolen Items
4 x Saddles
Bates Wintec 250 GP -Black synthetic with fabricated knee pads. In literally peak condition. Has a Medium Gullet (The width of the front of the saddle) with a 16" 5 inch seat approximately.

Wintec Jump Pro -Black synthetic/fabric type saddle. Excellent condition, always looked after. Wide Gullet with a 17" inch seat. Was actually custom fitted to the current horse it was being used on (our horse).

Bates Leather Stock Saddle -Brown Leather with a blue fabric padding down its tree and flaps. Very well looked after but was an older style model. Approximately a 16" inch seat.

Kreiger GP Model -Black leather. Excellent + condition however was a slightly older model. Approximately a 17" seat.

4 x Pairs of Stirrup Leathers
2x Black Synthetic Stirrup Leathers -were ones that go with both the Synthetic Wintec saddles.
2x Bates Leather Stirrup Leathers -both went to the two Leather saddles that went missing. (One pair was brown, the other was black).

4 x Pairs of Stirrups
4x Stainless Steel Stirrups -one pair had black rubbers on either side of them for comfort. All four pairs had no rust and were in great condition.

4 x Girths
2x Black Synthetic Girths -both synthetic Girths were with the Wintec Synthetic saddles.
2x Leather Girths -both went to the Leather saddles, one Girth was brown, the other black.

3 x Saddle Pads
2x Black Horze Saddle Pads -One did have a nice rimming of gold on it.
1x Blue (cannot remember Brand Name) -Just a solid deep Navy Blue but was semi faded due to use.

4 x Bridles
1x Stubben Double Bridle -BRAND NEW, literally had no use marks on it, as only used for competitions. Black soft leather only had one pair of reins on it. Was in Perfect condition. Very easy recognisable by the Brownband that I brought to put on it (read down for info on Browband).
1x Horze Double Stitched Bridle -BRAND NEW, once again was only used for competitions and had literally no use marks on it. A soft Black Leather but slightly heavier that the Stubben. Easily recognisable by the Collegiate reins that I had with it (more about the reins, read down.)
1x Horze Bridle -Black leather, soft leather. Recognizable by its different nose band, was put in for the Horse it was currently being used on.
1x Brown Leather Bridle (Unsure what Brand it was) -great condition, was a thick soft leather used for hacking and lessons etc. so was used but was looked after perfectly.

4 x Bits
3x French Link Eggbut Snaffles -Stainless Steel, great condition, all 3 were brand new right from the shop.
1x French Link Eggbut Training Snaffle -Stainless Steel, great condition, brand new from the shop.

2 x Reins
1x Black Collegiate Reins -BRAND NEW, used only with the Horze Double Stitched Bridle for competing. Recognizable by the engraved "Collegiate" sign where the Reins attach to the Rings of the Bit.
1x Brown Horze Reins -Brand New, literally only just brought as old ones broke. These aren't too recognizable but they are new and so will look new.

2 x Helmets
1x Troxel Avalon Helmet -Black, around a small-medium size, had a small design at the top center front of the Helmet.
1x Horze Halo Rider Helmet -Black, had vent designs on the front center and left/right of the helmet.

3 x Halter and Leadropes
2x Purple/Coloured -Both came as a combo of Halter and Leadrope.
1x Plain Grape Coloured -halter with a black Leadrope.

1 x SSG (Jock Paget) Gloves -Black, pretty much no use in them, no holes etc. Did have my initials "N.S" on the inside of the left glove. Recognizable by the big white contrasting letters saying "SSG" on the backs of them.

1 x Summer/Show Cover -Kool Coat Lite Combo, was a White and Blue very light-weight was used at summer shows to help the horse stay cool etc and out of the sun.

1 x GT German Saddlery Browband
-Was brought off TradeMe in absolutely PERFECT condition and literally Brand New as the old owner said she brought it online from the GT Saddlery and it just didn't fit her horses bridle. Was a soft black leather with a pointed "V" design, It had a nice bright gold/white intricate twirl design in the middle of it.

Paxton Park on Kaipaki road was robbed Monday night, whole place cleared out so please keep an eye out for someone selling a lot of second hand gear! Track saddles, jumping saddles, saddle blankets, (including my personalised one that I won competing in Australia), bridles, boots, brushes, even halters! Full list of stolen gear will be listed by tomorrow morning. Please contact Dana on 0212054031 if you know anything.

List of gear stolen from Kaipaki Road in Cambridge on Monday night

Status black track/exercise saddle fully mounted with black elastic race girth with white girth sleeve, red/blue/black race breastplate, red/blue/black surcingle, black leather stirrup leathers, black plastic stirrup irons with fluoro pink grips
Blue and red saddle blanket embroided with "Dana genefaas, pepper" "wentworth 2011 div c winner"
White puffer pad

White Roma medicine boots
White regal pro open front boots
White Roma tendon boots
Black pro choice skid boots
Set 4 pink snowbee tendon/fetlock boots
Set 4 white xc boots
Black weethabeata back xc boots

CTD brown bridle
Oak brown bridle with 4.5" D ring Myler bit
Brown grackle noseband
Black PVC halter with purple and yellow lead rope
Brown webbing halter
Rainbow rope halter and matching leadrope
Assortment of grooming brushes in horse and pony sponsored grooming bag