New Zealand National Register of Stolen & Missing Horses

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North Island

4 Stolen Appaloosa Mare's

Four (4) Appaloosa mares were taken from a paddock on East Coast Road, Silverdale. Two have now been found and return to their right5ful owner but two (2) are still missing. These horses were taken from their home WITHOUT consent from their owner. They were safe in their paddock at 10pm at night and had gone by morning when checked.

STOLEN AREA: Silverdale, Auckland
MISSING FROM DATE: 23 October 2011.

CONTACT: Us through the contact on here or North Shore Police....09 4775004 Ref 111023/4907

This mare is Called Moonbars Misty Snow Queen. She is a registered appaloosa, aged 20. Branded. Pet name Prism. Police Report has been made and the owner at the time legally signed over the care and ownership to someone else. This can all be dealt with very easily without further involvement form the police. Please contact us with any information about their whereabouts.

Please Contact North Shore Police....09 4775004 Ref 111023/4907


Spirits Description:-

In the Appaloosa World she is described genetically as a bay snowcap mare. To a person who would not know this she is best described as a grey mare with a human eye (white schlera) around the eye and slightly whiter hair over the top of her rump.. She has an bucket head…..that is to say a rectangle shape. She is about 14.3H -15.0H and is a solid build. She is 8yrs rising 9 yrs. She is Branded.  Her lower legs from the knee down are a bronze/chocolate colour and her hooves are an amber colour (from memory so not 100%) To the best of my knowledge she didn’t have any spots, but if she did it would only be 1 or 2. Homozygous horses generally have a nose to toes white blanket with no spots or at the very most only a handful. Any information is welcome, as owner would like to find the last 2 missing horses from this case. Police Report has been made and the Police are involved.  Please contact us with any information about their whereabouts. Please Contact North Shore Police....09 4775004 Ref 111023/4907

Owner does have photos of this mare but is having a computer issues, Once computer is fixed the photos will be available.

Please look out for any of theses horses and/or ponies, the owners would love to have them back home.



CONTACT: [email protected] or  0275044694

More info: He is 7yo, he is about 16.2hh wee bit smaller, he has two big white socks on the back legs and his near front has a white sock too, he is entire also. He was stolen from river road in Hamilton, Waikato he is wearing a blue and green synthetic rug. He is missing one tooth in the bottom/it looks a bit crooked because he got kicked by a mare and the vet had to take the tooth out. He has no scars or cuts to define him.

STOLEN AREA : Hokianga in Northland

MISSING FROM DATE: 20 September 2013

From owner:Hello we are Missing our pregnant mare cobber she was in our paddocks in Mitimiti Hokianga in Northland last Tuesday and when dad come back the next day she was gone and our gates left open we suspect she has been stolen as we found our whole heard at the end of the beach where the road begins she is our herd leader is extremely tame and is sadly missed and we really want her back especially my lil brother as it's his horse if you have any info or have seen her somewhere recently in the North island or Northland area please contact Rodney on 0211502912 or pm me would be much appreciated here are some photos of her with her last baby

‘ AppleJack”

Missing since March 2014

Area: South Eyre Road, North Canterbury.

Palomino – No White Markings, Stallion, 9.2hh

A hole in his bottom lip would be the dead give away you have found the right pony

Hes an absolute pleasure. Enough is enough children want their pony back and so do i for that matter. I have now filed a police report to locate him and bring my beautiful wee man home .

Please contact police with any information or admin or myself .. please i hope someone has any information on the where abouts of my pony im happy to collect myself... ... was taken from South Eyre property.

I have saved texs stating my pony was fine where he was, and that they wouldnt let him go without water, I had NO car at time of move nor safe paddock

Pony is apparently down Woodend Beach Road.

Contact Owner directly on

MISSING FROM DATE;Saturday, 30 August, 2008., but never found..

CONTACT:  Christine Fisher 07 549 5246 with any information, please.

If unable to contact her, please contact Liz Thompson, DVM, 07 863 9312 , leave message, if urgent or pony has been sighted, please ring emergency pager 026 119 004 24 hours

Hannah, a rising seven year old 11.2 hand dapple grey Welsh Pony mare, was stolen from a paddock in Katikati during the night of Saturday, 30 August, 2008.
Hannah has many distinguishing white markings, including white stockings on both hind legs to the hocks, coming to a point in front, and a white stocking to the knee (carpus) on the near (left) front leg. She also has a white blaze on her face, which is slightly indistinct due to her colour.
Hannah was in foal, due fairly soon at the time. Hannah is a much loved pony and her family misses her terribly. REWARD for her safe recovery.

Sold without the owners knowing:

These horses were sold off a farm in Dannevirke between Jan /June 2012

MARE, TB, . Moe bay mare with star 91 over 1-GC about 15.2hh. these horses were sold unbeknown to their owner who was promised they would look after while she was down south. She just wants to know where they are and they are being looked after. They could be at a trekking place.

Owner Contact: 063465954
Sold without the owners knowing:

These horses were sold off a farm in dannevirke between Jan /June 2012

Gelding, TB, chevy brands S right shoulder 47 over 4 he micro chipped aswell he is a light bay with 2 front socks and a star (picture wit blue rug) about 16hh between mid last year – December

Owner Contact: 063465954
MISSING FROM : 7 Feb 2012

Skewbald Filly, MISSING PONY: The skewbald filly snatched from a farm in Taupaki,Auckland. Thieves endured electric shocks when they snatched a miniature pony from a farm in Taupaki.
They cut a live fence to steal a skewbald brown and white horse overnight from the Nixon Rd property. Resident Bryan Jackson says the culprits cut the wires, folded them back perfectly and led the animal through the battery-powered fence.
MISSING FROM DATE: Taken Wednesday night 21/7/10

Black Registered Purebred Clydesdale Mare, was in foal at the time. White blaze. Splash white on underbelly, 16 hh, lovely long mane, forelock., , Substantial reward offered, (09)408 1945
Still haven't found her (Molly) and are still looking. We still have a reward out, please pm me if you see or know of anything like her. she is branded on the near side with PS and off side with ?/1. she also has a scar on her back off leg in front of her hock. she was the most amazing horse and miss her so much. Any info would be amazing.